Friday, November 5, 2010

The Freedom To Be Me

I recently wrote an article which has featured on Page 10 of 'SX News' which is Sydney's top gay magazine. After only two days, it was the #1 most viewed article on the SX website.

The article has generated discussion and I could have never imagined the impact that one piece of writing could have.

To view the article online, go to:

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Alex Holmes-Brown said...

Hi Ben.

Was great to read your article. That's a tough story but I'm glad that you've come through it and now have risen to new heights!

I wanted to say thanks. I admire your courage and that you've committed, even after the pain and misunderstanding, to the community of faith. There are many reasons to leave the church but I always find it exceptional when people instead find the strength to be the change they want to see.

I think this article being in the SX will give the gay readership a chance to think, 'yes the church has been backwards about this but here's a story of hope' - in a way, bringing down walls that those readers may have up (for good reasons) against Christian faith as it's been represented. It presents the possibility: "I can be gay. I can be Christian" which is such an important message.

I'm a youth worker in Perth. Straight. Researching ways to make my community and the church broadly a more gay-welcoming place. I don't necessarily share all the same convictions as yourself or Tony Venn-Brown about this but mostly, and I want to keep learning from those who speak with experience and continued involvement. Finding your info and his has been a blessing in that regard :)

Anyway. Loooong comment.
Bless you!